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How to change the parameters in the Quadrotor Plant for a different UAV mass?

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I have not had any success in trying to figure out what parameters to chose for a higher quadcopter mass in the quadrotor plant block. After many tries, the quadrotor simply does not take off with different parameters. I would appreciate any ideas on how to calculate the PD gains for a different mass. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 7 Nov 2022
Instead of changing the PD gains on the block, you should increase the commanded thrust to drive a heavier UAV. For example, in order to be able the take-off, the commanded thrust should be higher than the gravity force. So if your mass is 1 and gravity acceleration is 9.8 then the commanded thrust should be higher than 9.8.
Dennis on 15 Apr 2023
I am also trying UAVpackageDelivery, I modified the GCS path but the path is too long, so I hope I can increase the speed from 3m/s. Should I also add Gain in thrust? Or to which part?
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Tudor-Stefan Tonca
Tudor-Stefan Tonca on 19 Nov 2022
Dear all,
I have managed to solve the issue as it follows:
Changed the mass parameter in the configuration tab as desired mass. Set the Initial thrust as desired mass * 9.81.
Gain block added on the thrust signal, being equal to desired mass/ actual mass (0.1 kg). (or desired mass * 10)
Thank you all for your help, interest and tips.




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