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Using resolver encoder block to calculate motor position

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Hello ,
I have a pmsm motor with sine cosine encoder . How do i measure the rotor angle using the resolver encoder block. it has sine and cosine inputs. From the help documentation , it said the primary sine signal should be sampled and normaslised, what exactly is meant by this . The encoder in my motor will give sine and cosine values within the ( -1,1) range . How do i sample this signal in real time.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 7 Nov 2022
Normalized means you divide the signal by it's magnitude so that it varies between -1 and 1. For instance, a signal from 5 to -5 is divided by 5 to normalize it. Sampling the signal in real time is accompished based on the embedded system you attatch to the system. You can simulate the sample time by using the zero order hold block in Simulink and set it to the sample time you want. This is very similar to how resovlers work. Here is an example of a resolver:


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