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How do I upload my deeplearning network to previous version of Simulink?

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I'm trying to upload my deep learning model which is trained at R2021a, to Simulink R2018b.
I've been trying this for over a month, but I didn't succeed.
If you know any Idea, It will be huge gift for me.
I have tried these things:
- at R2018b Simulink, Use matlab function block
-> It causes error(coder dot indexing problem)
- at R2018b, generate C++ code for my model
-> It doesn't work(dot indexing problem)
- at R2021a, generate C++ code for my model, and upload to R2018b Simulink via S-function
-> Code generation was successful, but I have no idea what to do next.

Accepted Answer

Hariprasad Ravishankar
Hariprasad Ravishankar on 4 Nov 2022
I believe step 2 of this MATLAB Answers post will help you take your generated code to a previous release of MATLAB via S-function.
Please let us know if you found this helpful.
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재원 on 7 Nov 2022
You are my savior. Thank you so much.
Instead of using cuDNN, I used MKL_DNN as my target library. and It works well, too.
To use MKL_DNN, I should build mkldnn library first. The link below will help.
this is the code I used.
% Function to DLL
setenv('INTEL_MKLDNN', 'C:\Program Files\mkl-dnn')
setenv('PATH', [getenv('INTEL_MKLDNN') filesep 'lib' pathsep getenv('PATH')])
cfg = coder.config('dll');
cfg.TargetLang = 'C++';
cfg.GenerateReport = true;
cfg.DeepLearningConfig = coder.DeepLearningConfig('mkldnn');
codegen -args {ones(1,200,1,8,'uint16')} -config cfg CNN_as_Func
copyfile(fullfile(pwd, 'codegen','dll', 'CNN_as_Func','CNN_as_Func.dll'), pwd);
% DLL to S-Function
srcPath = fullfile(pwd, 'codegen', 'dll', 'CNN_as_Func');
mkldnnPath = getenv('INTEL_MKLDNN');
mkldnnLibPath = fullfile(mkldnnPath,'lib');
mkldnnIncludePath = fullfile(mkldnnPath,'include');
libs = {'CNN_as_Func.lib','dnnl.lib'};
headerPath = {srcPath;mkldnnIncludePath};
libPath = {srcPath;mkldnnLibPath};
def = legacy_code('initialize');
def.SFunctionName = 'High_Classification_S_Func';
def.OutputFcnSpec = 'void CNN_as_Func(uint16 u1[1600],single y1[16])';
def.IncPaths = headerPath;
def.HeaderFiles = {'CNN_as_Func.h'};
def.LibPaths = libPath;
def.HostLibFiles = libs;
def.Options.useTlcWithAccel = false;
def.Options.language = 'C++';
legacy_code('sfcn_cmex_generate', def);
status = evalc("legacy_code('compile', def)");
Thanks again, Hariprasad Ravishankar.

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