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Change date InputFormat across a cell

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Dear all,
How to change datetime format of this attached cell arrays from 1/1/1989 to 1989-1-1?
Here is my try, but it doesnt worked:
d = cellfun(@(OBS_MAX) datetime(OBS_MAX, 'InputFormat', 'yyyy-MM-dd'), OBS_MAX, 'UniformOutput', false);
Thank you all in advanced.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 3 Nov 2022
OBS_MAX = cellfun(@set_dates_format,OBS_MAX,'UniformOutput',false);
function t = set_dates_format(t)
t.dates.Format = 'yyyy-MM-dd';

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Nov 2022
You do not have a cell array of datetime objects: you have a cell array of tables, and you need to affect one particular variable inside the table. This is difficult to do without a helper function, but not difficult if you use a helper function.
d = cellfun(@bashdatesformat, OBS_MAX, 'uniform', 0)
function newT = bashdatesformat(T)
T.dates.Format = 'yyyy-MM-dd');
Without the helper function, it gets... messy... involving pulling apart tables and putting them back together into new tables. One might have hopes that you could at least do
cellfun(@(V) subsasgn(V, substruct('.', 'dates', '.', 'Format'), 'yyyy-MM-dd'), C, 'uniform', 0)
but that does not work in practice for this particular case. (It is a trick that can work for some other kinds of variables; see )


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