Code generation does not support MATLAB class '​ternal.cod​er.imref2d​' in this context?

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When using an imref2d object as an input or output parameter to an entry function for C/C++ code generation, the following error is reported:
??? Code generation does not support MATLAB class 'images.internal.coder.imref2d' in this context because the class does not implement toRedirect() and/or fromRedirect() methods.
Simple Example(just for reproduce):
function imref = myfcn()%#codegen
imageSize = [100,200];
xlimtWorld = [-10,20];
ylimtWorld = [-20,50];
imref = imref2d(imageSize,xlimtWorld,ylimtWorld);
then use following command line to generate C/C++ code.
codegen -config:lib myfcn -report
it reports above issue.

Accepted Answer

cui on 26 Oct 2022
The correct approach is to convert matlab's built-in class object, imref2d, to struct types as output, e.g. these write a conversion function:
function outputStruct = helperToStructOutput(output)%#codegen
% input argument `output` is imref2d object.
outputStruct.ImageSize = output.ImageSize;
outputStruct.XWorldLimits = output.XWorldLimits;
outputStruct.YWorldLimits = output.YWorldLimits;

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