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hello i need display 197 image in matlab

Asked by fatima ali on 14 Mar 2015
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on 17 Mar 2015
i need display 197 image in matlab .....How is this work....
I want to display in one screen


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3 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 14 Mar 2015

I'm not sure of the grammar, which is ambiguous, so I'll answer two possible interpretations:
If you want the 197 in the overlay above the image, use text()
text(x, y, '197');
If you need the "197" "burned into the image", then you can use this: or else use the insertText method in the Computer Vision System Toolbox.
Alternatively if you want to display 197 images stitched together in one image, then you can use the montage() function in the Image Processing Toolbox, though you might run out of memory with that many images. Alternatively you can stitch them together after subsampling
wideImage = [image1(1:4:end, 1:4:end), image2(1:4:end, 1:4:end)];
tallImage = [image1(1:4:end, 1:4:end); image2(1:4:end, 1:4:end)];
Repeat until you've gotten all 197 of your images in there.


why Do not use the Matlab term "inf" as name of a variable.
Thanks image analyst i found a solution to the problem
inf means "infinity" to MATLAB and is a reserved variable, though it can be blown away by defining your own variable with that name (something you do NOT want to do).

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Answer by Dima Lisin
on 16 Mar 2015

Hi Fatima,
If you need to look at so many images, then the easiest thing is to save each grayscale image to a file, and look at the thumbnails using Windows Explorer. Another point, please try not to use inf as a variable name, because in MATLAB inf is a keyword denoting infinity.

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Thanks i found a solution to the problem

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Answer by Nikolay S. on 17 Mar 2015
Edited by Nikolay S. on 17 Mar 2015

Hi there. When I had to review multiple images at once I've concatenated then into a mosaic/tile. You can try my function . You can save the image and then open it with any photo viewer/editor. Another way is to present several images in a single "figure" using subplot and "imshow". I prefer to present given number of figures at a time with a loop of this kind
nFigures = 5;
nPlotsPerFig = 9;
nFigs = ceil(197/nPlotsPerFig);
for iFig = 1: nFigs
presentPlots(); % sub-function with a loop presenting all relevant figure images
if mod(iFig, nFigures)==0
pause; % wait until user reviews all figures and presses any key
close all;
To present images of maximal dimensions I have my subplot_tight function.
Hope this helps, Nikolay

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Thanks Nikolay ..... I used the second method you Yesterday to resolve the problem

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