find commas in a cell

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ludvikjahn on 13 Mar 2015
Answered: Audrey on 13 Mar 2015
good morning, I just wonder why
if I run
( (where A is a cll array), it works
but I can't run the command
(I wanted to know how many commas there are in order t know if it is possible to replace them in a short time). And I wan to find a method to find commas in my cell array! Thanks

Answers (1)

Audrey on 13 Mar 2015
You can use strfind() to find a pattern within text. So, for example:
A={'asdf,asdf','asdf,asdf,asdf','asdf'}; strfind(A,',')
ans =
[5] [1x2 double] []
I'm sure you can do it with regular expressions as well, but I am not familiar with that. It looks to me like strrep() already does what you want (replace commas in a short time).
If you want to apply a function to a cell array that does not accept cell arrays as input, you can use cellfun() to apply a function to each array in a cell individually.


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