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can't use shortkey after pushing a button in MATLAB App

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I cannot use the keyboard shortkeys defined after I have pushed a button in MATLAB App.
For example, I have a "a" keyboard shortkey that when press executes the "Thick" button:
And when I am using the keyboard shortkey it works.
But after I clicked the button, or some otherone, the shortkey keyboard does not work.
The button appears like:
And if I want to turn to use the shortkeys, I need to click outside in some non-object part of the figure, and the it turns to work.
I tryied to Enable/Unable and Visualize/Hide the button, and the blue selection disappears, but the shortkey continue does not responding:
app.Thick_Button.Enable = ~app.Thick_Button.Enable;
app.Thick_Button.Enable = ~app.Thick_Button.Enable;
app.Thick_Button.Visible = ~app.Thick_Button.Visible;
app.Thick_Button.Visible = ~app.Thick_Button.Visible;
I am in MATLAB 2021b.
Thank you very much!

Accepted Answer

Josep Llobet
Josep Llobet on 7 Oct 2022
I solved it!
Because some of the @Walter Roberson advice in Press button automatically click post, you just need to turn to add the figure:
I put this command at final of the button's callback and when it is pushed then you can use shortkeky after.

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