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How to save a fig file and re-open it with the same figure number?

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Very simple question which I cannot find a simple answer to:
If I save a figure with a particular figure number as a *.fig file, is there a way to keep that figure number information when reopening the figure using openfig?
f = figure(1000);
fNumber= f.Number; %result = 1000
g = openfig('figure1000.fig');
gNumber = g.Number; %result = 1
This example results in fNumber = 1000 and gNumber = 1. When I save a figure, I want MATLAB to be able to open the figure exactly as it was, including the figure number. Might be missing something obvious here...
Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 5 Oct 2022
Try this!
f = figure(1000);
ax = axes(f);
plot(ax, randn(1001, 1)) % Let's create some data visualization!
g = openfig('figure1000.fig', 'invisible');
h = figure(1000);
copyobj(g.Children, h)

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