Open coverage results explorer programmatically

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Is there any command lines available to open coverage results explorer programmatically ??

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 30 Sep 2022
There is an undocumented means of using the cvresults function. You can pass the 'explore' option to the function to open the Results Explorer:
I must caution you that this is undocumented by design. We deprecated the CovShowResultsExplorer coverage option in R2020b (see "Functionality being removed or changed"). We have no plans to replace this functionality.
I am curious as to why this particular requirement is necessary for your workflow. The functionality provided in the Results Explorer is available via other means (both in the Simulink Toolstrip and via MATLAB functions).
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Shijil on 5 Oct 2022
Thanks for the answer, it worked as needed.
We are trying to retreive the functionality of an old script, to validate. Will be discarding the same, and creating a new one to suit the changes in new MALTAB version.
Many thanks for your help :)

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