MATLAB 2022a, Automatic model Coverage with model coloring and cumulative report generation is not happening.

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In previous MATLAB versions, we used to have following options (in configurable coverage analysis):
Latest version 2022a doesn’t have any of the highlighted options, which is creating difficulties while analyzing cumulative coverage.
The requirement is to get model highlighted with coloring after we simulate the plant model, Result explorer should pop-up and cumulative report(with all the runs included) should be generated automatically
Request you to please help us with this issue.

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 28 Sep 2022
Those parameters in the coverage settings UI were deprecated some time ago to bring Simulink Coverage simulation "in line" with other simulation-based workflows. Which MATLAB release were you using prior to R2022a?
Are you not seeing the coverage highlighting after simulation? That should be enabled by default in R2022a. There is also the cvmodelview function to show highlighting.
You can generate a report automatically using the cvsim and cvhtml functions. Here's a code snippet from the cvsim documentation:
modelName = 'slvnvdemo_cv_small_controller';
testObj = cvtest(modelName);
testObj.settings.decision = 1;
paramStruct.AbsTol = '1e-5';
paramStruct.SaveState = 'on';
paramStruct.StateSaveName = 'xoutNew';
paramStruct.SaveOutput = 'on';
paramStruct.OutputSaveName = 'youtNew';
[covData,simOut] = cvsim(testObj,paramStruct);
cvmodelview(covData) % I added this line. It will display the model with coverage result highlighting.
Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 28 Sep 2022
Thanks - just a note of clarification: the cvhmtl command can generate a report of aggregated coverage as well as "individual" (single simulation) coverage. It just needs a valid coverage data object.

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