Creating a series of random numbers, where the next series is changed by a factor with the previous

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For one of my classes, we were assigned a problem where we have to create a series of random numbers that the next series of numbers is the previous multiplied by a factor. We then have to store the numbers in a single matrix.
The code I currently have written keeps appearing with the error code that it is unable to perform the assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements. I am looking for advisement on how to change this in order to allow the code to work and fill the matrix.
For this example, I need to create a 5 series, with 25 randon numbers, where the next series is 1/4 of the previous. The numbers produced should be stored in the x single matrix.
The code I started is as follows:
x = zeros(5,25);
count = 1;
for i = 1:5
if i==1
s(count) = randn(1,25);
count = count+1;
elseif i~=1
s(count) = randn(1,25)/4;
count = count +1;
else i == 5
s(count) = count(4,1:25)/4;

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Paul on 24 Sep 2022
Hi Lily,
The code starts by allocating a 5 x 25 matrix, x. That's good. But then x is never used after that. Assuming that x is supposed to contain the final result, you could proceed as follows.
Pre-allocate the result
x = zeros(5,25);
Assign the first row of the result. Note the use of the double indexing of x. Here, x(1,:) means the "row 1, all columns of x"
x(1,:) = randn(1,25);
Note that a variable or an expression can also be used as an index, e.g., if k = 2, x(k,:) is row 2 and x(k-1,:) is row 1.
Now that the first row if x is filled in we only need to fill in rows 2 -5
for i = 2:5
% do something here
Maybe these hints will allow you to fill in the code in the loop.

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