Is it possible to create such a Visualization in Matlab?

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Hello there dear MathWorks Community!
I was wondering if it possible to create such a plot in Matlab. I do have the data and values that are used as a basis but the coding to create such a complex plot is way to difficult for if it is even possible. Any help and Ideas are greatly appreciated!

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dpb on 23 Sep 2022
Edited: dpb on 24 Sep 2022
With all the amenities, it'll take a fair amount of effort, although one could undoubtedly create a crude replication of the wall without too much grief.
MATLAB isn't really a FEM toolset and the graphics aren't really designed for the purpose (need <Tecplot(tm)> for the cat's meow in that arena), but one can import and plot STL or mesh geometries with <Partial DE Toolbox> and <pdegplot> and friends. What would take to get to acceptable results after that, I've no klew...

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