Stacked plot graphics, trying to color multiple lines on one y-axis.

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MeasurementTime = datetime({'2015-12-18 08:03:05';'2015-12-18 10:03:17';'2015-12-18 12:03:13'});
Temp = [37.3;39.1;42.3];
Pressure = [30.1;30.03;29.9];
WindSpeed = [13.4;6.5;7.3];
TT = timetable(MeasurementTime,Temp,Pressure,WindSpeed)
TT2 = retime(TT,'hourly','linear')
linespec = ["Color", "black"];
vars = {["Temp", "Pressure", "WindSpeed"]};
t = stackedplot(TT2, vars, linespec{:});
I have a stacked plot of timeseries data, and i am showing it all on one y-axis. Is there a way to color each line differently to make them more pronounced? It seems relatively simple for regular plots, but I have not yet found a way to do it on stacked plots.

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dpb on 22 Sep 2022
There's an array in the <'StackedLineProperties'> gotten to by the links in the "See Also" section of the documentation.

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dpb on 26 Sep 2022
OK, had just a few more minutes -- the real answer is that there's a 'LineProperties' handle under the stacked plot object handle that does have the various line properties. If you plot yours as is, it will return a single row, but by trial, you can set the .Color' array to a Nx3 array of RGB colors where N is the number of lines on the axes.
>> t = stackedplot(TT2, vars,'k'); % draw 'em all black
> > t.LineProperties.Color % show the one color
ans =
0 0 0
>> C=[ % define a color array (default)
0 0.4470 0.7410
0.8500 0.3250 0.0980
0.9290 0.6940 0.1250];
>> t.LineProperties.Color=C; % try to change...
and, indeed, the line colors do change for all three.
Also, another way at it is that the axes is a child of the hidden property 'NodeChildren'
>> t.NodeChildren
ans =
2×1 graphics array:
Legend (Temp, Pressure, WindSpeed)
>> hAx=t.NodeChildren(2)
hAx =
Axes with properties:
XLim: [Dec 18, 2015, 08:00 Dec 18, 2015, 13:00]
YLim: [6.6885 43.8151]
XScale: 'linear'
YScale: 'linear'
GridLineStyle: '-'
Position: [0.1362 0.1100 0.7688 0.8150]
Units: 'normalized'
Show all properties
>> hAx.Children
ans =
3×1 Line array:
Line (WindSpeed)
Line (Pressure)
Line (Temp)
>> hAx.Children(1)
ans =
Line (WindSpeed) with properties:
Color: [0.9290 0.6940 0.1250]
LineStyle: '-'
LineWidth: 0.5000
Marker: 'none'
MarkerSize: 6
MarkerFaceColor: 'none'
XData: [18-Dec-2015 08:00:00 18-Dec-2015 09:00:00 18-Dec-2015 10:00:00 18-Dec-2015 11:00:00 18-Dec-2015 12:00:00 18-Dec-2015 13:00:00]
YData: [13.5770 10.1327 6.6885 6.8783 7.2785 7.6788]
ZData: [1×0 double]
Show all properties
This would get you access to a given line by itself directly which could be useful on occasion. Again, though, why TMW has to hide or obfuscate stuff instead of keeping the familiar axes properties/children is beyond ken...just introduce new complexities for the fun of it it seems.


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