Rotating X & Y Data

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Tania on 20 Sep 2022
Commented: Star Strider on 27 Sep 2022
I am trying to rotate GPS data, that has been con verted into X & Y coordintes to dsplay lengthwy along the Y axis strting at 0,0
I'm trying to rotate data in a 6135 x 15 table, where the data is layed out as follows 6135 data points of coordintes seperted into X & yXcolumns for each person.
Time I Person 1 x I Person 1 y I Person 2 x I Person 2 y I Person 3 x I Person 3 y .....etc
I would like to rotate this date to run length way along the Y axis. Each line represents data for a different person (7 in total):
Is there a way to rotate a large table of X & Y coordinates.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 Sep 2022
See if the rotate function will work.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 27 Sep 2022
As always, my pleasure!

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KSSV on 20 Sep 2022
p1 = rand(2,1) ;
p2 = rand(2,1) ;
%%rotation matrix
th = 90*pi/180 ;
R = [cos(th) -sin(th) ;sin(th) cos(th)] ;
%%rotate points
pr2 = R*p2 ;
hold on
plot([p1(1) p2(1)],[p1(2) p2(2)] ,'r') ;
plot([p1(1) pr2(1)],[p1(2) pr2(2)] ,'b') ;
Tania on 23 Sep 2022
As a reference (continued from comment above):
I originally converted the ray Lat/Lon co-ordinates to X & Y coordinates using the following:
[x1,y1]= wgs2utm((data1(:,2)),(data1(:,3))) % I repeated this for each person
I then plotted each converted X & Y data point onto the graph above using the following code:
PlotGPS = scatter(Newdata(:,1),Newdata(:,2)); %Plots all the GPS data in a scatter to select 4 grid coordinates%
hold on
hold off
From here I used:
[PlotGPS] = ginput(4)
To create a boundary around the data points representing an (almost rectangular) field (shown by small light blue circles).
I then used the below code to rotate the boundary
Boundary = PlotGPS([2 4 3 1 2],:);
Boundlong = PlotGPS(4,:) - PlotGPS(2,:); % Length of line - long line
Boundshort = PlotGPS(1,:)- PlotGPS(2,:); % Width of line - short line
%% Rotational Matrix
theta = atan2(Boundlong(2),Boundlong(1)); % theta is in radians
R = [cos(theta) -sin(theta); sin(theta) cos(theta)]; % rotation matrix
BoundR = Boundary*R; %Rotate the field
This worked, (see above).
From my last post I'm now able to rotate, the X & Y dta points, hopwever as you can see in my last post its not rotating correctly.
Is there a way to use the boundary reference information to rotate my X & Y data?
Thanks in advance for your help/insight.

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