How to write a for loop to iterate through subjects IDs and their associated reaction times and create histogram

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I have a data set of several thousand values.
There are 10 unique subj_indx, 1 through 10. Each one represents an experimental subject. Each subject has a bunch of reaction times, rt.
I want to create a for loop that will go through this dataset and generate a histogram of the reaction time data for each subject.
I don't know where to start other than:
for id = 1:length(subj_idx)%loop for each unique id value
%rtIdx = 1:length(rt)
currentid = rt(rtIdx);
rtIdx = 0;
and I'm not sure even that's correct.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 19 Sep 2022
Hi Rania,
Check out the splitapply function and workflow. Example with an array, but I think you can make it work with a table
x = [ones(100,1) rand(100,1);2*ones(100,1) rand(100,1)]; % example data
splitapply(@(x) histogram(axes(figure),x),x(:,2),findgroups(x(:,1)))
If you want to pretty-up the histograms, I think splitapply can be used with a user-defined function just as easily.

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