Table - conditional maths and plots from variables

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Dear all,
I have a 57254x87 table, on which I need to perform some maths and plots with the tables. I have one column called Subject_Id (total of 8 particpants) and another one called Trial_Id (a total of 6 per particpant), and I need to plot the data from two others variables. For example, I am looking for a code that will take the first subject, then run a loop for each one of the 6 trials, ploting the data of my columns 3 and 4, and then take the second subject, and reproduces the same thing one more time, and so on for the 8 subjects.
I guess I need one loop inside the other, but I am not sure how to do it.
Any help will be very much appreciated.
Chunru on 19 Sep 2022
Try to upload a mat file:
data = yourdata(1:200, :); % 1:200 or other number to demonstrate your case

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Accepted Answer

Paul on 19 Sep 2022
Check out splitapply
Thiago de Aquino Costa Sousa
Hey @Paul, thank you for replying to me. I will plot my data on your code and check what happens next... sincerely, Thiago

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