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Why is my table displaying 1x1 in workspace but displays actual values in command window?

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So I am trying to convert monthly data into quartely and this is my code (below). However, whenever I run the code below, in the output (command window), I get:
months TB
___________ _______
01-Jan-1961 3.04
01-Feb-1961 3.11
01-Mar-1961 3.21
01-Apr-1961 3.28
01-May-1961 3.14
which is what I am looking for but in the workspace table, it shows:
Therefore, when I run the retime function, it shows this error:
Error using timetable/retime
All variables in input timetables must be numeric, datetime, or duration when synchronizing using 'mean'.
Error in econ_406_Assignment_1 (line 22)
tt= retime(TBm, 'quarterly', 'mean');
Any help would be appreciated!
%% 2- Converting TB, CPI and CPIX data from monthly to quarterly.
quarters = datetime([1961,01,01],'Format','yyyy/MM/dd'):calquarters(1):datetime([2022,06,30]);
months = datetime(1961,01,01):calmonths(1):datetime(2022,06,30);
months = months';
a = readtable("B-Table-1010012201-eng.csv", 'Range', 'A12:B750');
TB = a(1:end,2);
TBm = timetable(months,TB)
tt= retime(TBm, 'quarterly', 'mean');

Answers (2)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Sep 2022
You're creating a timetable whose elements are tables. If you want to change a table into a timetable instead take a look at the table2timetable function.

dpb on 18 Sep 2022
months = (datetime(1961,01,01):calmonths(1):datetime(2022,06,30)).';
a = table(randn(size(months)));
TB = a(1:end,1);
whos months a TB
The above simulates what your code to the point of creating TB does -- your a variable is a table and, ergo, so is TB.
Somehow you ended up creating a table that is a cell array of tables as the data variable; your code doesn't precisely show doing that but that's what the workspace shows it does contain.
Do something more like
months = (datetime(1961,01,01):calmonths(1):datetime(2022,06,30)).';
ttTB=timetable(months,a(:,2); % create a timetable
ttTBQ=retime(ttTB, 'quarterly', 'mean');
If the above fails, attach your data file so folks have something specific to utilize for testing code...


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