How can I evaluate an in a MATLAB script

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Hi all,
In my data dictionary, I have a Simulink.Parameter whose value is set as an expression:
Parameter with properties:
Value: slexpr("single(420*pi/180)")
CoderInfo: [1×1 Simulink.CoderInfo]
Description: '...'
DataType: 'single'
Min: 0
Max: 20
Unit: 'rad'
Complexity: 'real'
Dimensions: [1 1]
Now I would like to get the numeric value of the parameter within a script. So how can I evaluate the expression
to get
ans =
Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 15 Sep 2022
@Karsten Gordon, Evaluate MATLAB expression in data dictionary section - MATLAB evalin ( or Evaluate MATLAB expression - MATLAB eval ( I don't have Simulink to try; to use the eval function you would have to use just what is in the quotes:"single(420*pi/180)"


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