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Cannot detect inputs from a G29 Steering Wheel Controller in SLDRT using Joystick Input block

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I am using a G29 Steering Wheel controller with Simulink via the Joystick Input block. Why can't I detect inputs from the G29 in SLDRT when using Logitech Gaming Software v9.04.49?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 Jan 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 31 Jan 2023
Simulink Desktop Real-Time (SLDRT) uses the standard and documented "DirectInput" API to communicate with joystick-like devices, like the G29 wheel. Even though you may be able to interact with the G29 wheel through Logitech software or the Windows 10 built-in tool Windows Game Controllers it may not interact correctly with SLDRT in real-time kernel mode due to the installed Logitech software. Specifically we have found that if you only have Logitech Gaming Software v9.04.49 the G29 controller interaction with SLDRT will not see the valid inputs from the controller.
The following workarounds have been confirmed to work in SLDRT with the G29 steering wheel controller:
  1. You can install an older version of Logitech Gaming Software that have confirmed to work like Logitech Gaming Software v9.02.65. Please contact Logitech support if you need assistance downloading or installing older versions.
  2. You can install Logitech G-Hub instead of or in addition to any Logitech Gaming Software version.

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