Why isn't my figure consistent? It keeps changing every time

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numDays = 365;
numTrials = 1000;
maxPeople = 80;
pn = zeros(maxPeople, 1);
for numPeople = 1:maxPeople
for i = (1:numTrials)
probability = 1-(1-((numPeople-1)/randi(numDays)));
pn(numPeople) = probability;
ax = axes;

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Sep 2022
Here's one line of your code. I've put it in block comments so MATLAB Answers won't try to execute it, since I have other code later in the answer I want to run and this line throwing an error because numPeople and numDays are not defined would prevent that.
probability = 1-(1-((numPeople-1)/randi(numDays)));
Since this line of code calls randi, which generates pseudorandom numbers, it's not surprising that the contents of the variable probability are different each time this line runs. If you rolled a 6-sided die over and over and always ended up with a 2, you'd be surprised (and perhaps a little angry at the person that gave you the die, for giving you a loaded die.)
n = 10;
rolls = zeros(1, n);
for whichroll = 1:n
rolls(whichroll) = randi(6);
rolls = 1×10
4 2 3 2 4 5 5 1 6 6
Yes, I know I could have generated them all at once. And these rolls won't be the same as the previous ones.
otherrolls = randi(6, 1, n)
otherrolls = 1×10
2 1 5 3 1 5 4 4 3 6
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson on 8 Sep 2022
It is the birthday problem using the equation for probability. I'm supposed to be receiving a probability of >0.5 from 22 - 80, like pn(55) should be > 0.5

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