How to read and use folder name from Address Path?

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This SelMatPathOld is having path location 'D:\ninn\2_resimResult_0628\20220330'
I will first read only last part of above address path, i.e., 20220330.
In current dictionary, there is one folder "ComapareSummary"
So I need to change "ComapareSummary" as "20220330_SysLimDiff"
So, whatever comes in SelMatPathOld, the last folder name will be replaced "ComapareSummary" as "********_SysLimDiff"
I read movefile. But I can not understand how to change it dynamically.
Please let me know for brief.
Thank You

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 4 Sep 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 4 Sep 2022
SelMatPathOld = 'D:\ninn\2_resimResult_0628\20220330';
[~,sub] = fileparts(SelMatPathOld)
old = fullfile('.',"ComapareSummary")
new = fullfile('.',sub+"_SysLimDiff")
"But I can not understand how to change it dynamically."

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