Passing arguments between 2 standalone apps

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Iacopo on 1 Sep 2022
Commented: Iacopo on 2 Sep 2022
Hi all,
How can I pass arguments between 2 compiled apps?
I tried to put in the app 2 StartUp func. arguments a variable A as test but I don't don't how to pass the same variable from app 1.
Moreover, app 2 starts anyway even though it's given a parameter A in the StartUp func. which is not defined anywhere.
Also, is it possible to compile app 1 and app 2 together within the same installer file?
Thanks for your help!

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 1 Sep 2022
Please see the links below:
For an example, see one of my multiwindowed apps on the File Exchange: Rodent Tracker (Note, you will have to comment out lines 616 and 617, which use the addpath function before compiling).
It is possible to compile the two apps together within the same installer. I did it for the above app.
Let me know if you would like me to make a simple example app.
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Iacopo on 2 Sep 2022
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your response!
I am already able to create multi windows apps and sharing arguments between them.
I don't know if this is possible to do but what I mean is about 2 compiled .exe. What if for example app 1 is an app written in C and I want to open an app 2 in MATLAB from app 1 passing an argument (e.g. a string, in detail a folder path) between them?
Thank you

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