Not able to generate c code from dpigen

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Shrinish Donde
Shrinish Donde on 31 Aug 2022
Answered: David Fink on 4 Sep 2022
I am using Matlab version 2022a ( Europe license ), and Matlab coder version "MATLAB Coder 5.4" to obtain c code from my Matlab code. I am facing an unusual error which I have not seen before. It does not indicate to any specific line/part of code. It prevents me from solving the error and thus getting the c code generated from dpi call.
I have attached a screenshot of my Error part in the code in the image below.

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David Fink
David Fink on 4 Sep 2022
Please reach out to MathWorks Technical Support to report this bug, and find out if there's a workaround:


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