What toolboxs do you have in mind that you find most valuable/not valuable?

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MathWorks has regularly released 2 new versions each year since 2006, with around 3 new toolboxs released with each new version, and currently has a cumulative total of over 100 toolkits that are used in a wide range of industries.Which of these toolboxs do you personally find most helpful or necessary for your work, and which others do you think are most worth improving or worthless?
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cui on 23 Aug 2022
In the field of image processing/computer vision/AI, the toolboxes that I personally find most valuable are:
  • image processing toolbox
  • computer vsion toolbox
  • deeplearning toobox
  • matlab coder toolbox
least valuable toolbox:
  • image acquisition toolbox, Hardly used, generally available through support hardware packages
  • mapping toolbox,Usually not used
  • vision hdl toolbox,Usually not used
  • matlab complier,There is a dependency on matlab sdk, which is rather bloated
  • matlab complier sdk,There is a dependency on matlab sdk, which is rather bloated


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