repeated sampling from sobol (or halton) sequence

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Very new to the idea of Quasi RN sampling. Starting point:
If I had to sample 20 times from the standard normal (5 random numbers at a time), I would just do this:
for i = 1: 20
x = randn(1, 1:5)
How would I do the same from a halton or sobol sequence?
I've been looking at the documentation.....not clear yet. I'm sure its staring at me....just a little help would be awesome!!
Bharath Attoti
Bharath Attoti on 13 Dec 2022
Yes, I am not sure why but even a change in rng seed value does not seem to change the output point set of sobolset and haltonset. I remember getting diffirent results with change in seed in the 2017b version of Matlab. I have upgraded to version 2022b now. Is it the issue with the latest version? Which version are you using?

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Answers (1)

Chet Sharma
Chet Sharma on 18 Aug 2022
Looks like the answer may be much simpler:
x1 = RandStream('mt19937ar')
x1 =
mt19937ar random stream Seed: 0 NormalTransform: Ziggurat
x2 = randn(x1, 4, 1)
x2 = 4×1
0.5377 1.8339 -2.2588 0.8622

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