Is it possible to find the x value for a given y value of a fitdist() distribution?

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I'm using a probplot to display 500ish data points. I have this setup in a AppDesigner app. A distribution line can be added using the fitdist function as show below
DataType = app.DataTypeDropDown.Value;
dataFit = app.SelectFitDropDown.Value;
DistributionType = app.DistributionDropDown.Value;
device = app.DeviceDropDown.Value;
LegendName1 = ' Distribution Fit';
LegendName2 = ' ';
legendname = append(device,LegendName2,dataFit,LegendName1);
z = app.distData(:,device);
array = table2array(z);
array = str2double(array);
pd = fitdist(array(:,1),dataFit);
pp = probplot(app.UIAxes,pd);
set(pp,'color',app.colourMatrix(app.colourCounter,:),'DisplayName', legendname,'LineWidth', 1.5);
pp.ShowPoles = 'off';
When the fitted distribution is fitted, I would like to add a straight vertical line through the fitted distribution for a given Y value.
Is it possible to do this using the fitdist distribution or similar?

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Accepted Answer

Andrew Feenan
Andrew Feenan on 16 Aug 2022
@dpb provied the solution to my question in the comments above.
I presume that 5-9's is then a tail (upper) probability value?
In that case, then the icdf function for the named distribution is what you're looking for.

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