How to convert latitude and longitude of location to cartesian coordinates (x, y)?

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Dear Sir,
Is there a feasible way of converting (lat, long) coordinates into cartesian corordinates (x, y) of respective locations?
For instance, i want to convert (27.2046° N, 77.4977° E) coordinates into (x, y).

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Chunru on 15 Aug 2022
First, you need a reference point. Second you have to assume that the posints are close enough to the reference points so that the spherical coordinates on earth surface (lat, lon) can be approximate in cartesian coordinates.
With these assumption, you can do the following:
ref = [27, 77]; % ref point [lat, lon]
p = [27.2046, 77.4977];
[arclen az] = distance(ref, p)
arclen = 0.4880
az = 65.0993
x = deg2km(arclen.*cosd(az));
y = deg2km(arclen.*sind(az));
[x, y]
ans = 1×2
22.8478 49.2198
Chunru on 16 Aug 2022
"doc distance" for more details.
You can use the center of of data points as the reference point.

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