Automatisation of struct creation and data import

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Dear all,
I created a 3x1 struct using folling code
data_alone_paired(1,1).name = 'pair#1_paired';
data_alone_paired(2,1).name = 'pair#2_paired';
data_alone_paired(3,1).name = 'pair#3_paired';
Subsequently, I filled the struct with data using acceleration data from motion analysis
data_alone_paired(1,1).acc_pelvis_subject1 = data_alone(1).fsignal_down(:,2);
data_alone_paired(1,1).acc_pelvis_subject2 = data_alone(2).fsignal_down(:,1);
data_alone_paired(2,1).acc_pelvis_subject1 = data_alone(3).fsignal_down(:,1);
data_alone_paired(2,1).acc_pelvis_subject2 = data_alone(4).fsignal_down(:,2);
data_alone_paired(3,1).acc_pelvis_subject1 = data_alone(5).fsignal_down(:,2);
data_alone_paired(3,1).acc_pelvis_subject2 = data_alone(6).fsignal_down(:,1);
Any suggestions how to automate this code using a loop?
Regards and thank you very much for your help.
Jonas Bender
Jonas Bender on 11 Aug 2022
Dear Matt,
thank you very much for your response. It was no typo. But your corretion makes it much more easier.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 9 Aug 2022
Edited: Matt J on 9 Aug 2022
for i=1:3
data_alone_paired(i,1).acc_pelvis_subject1 = data_alone(2*i-1).fsignal_down(:,1);
data_alone_paired(i,1).acc_pelvis_subject2 = data_alone(2*i).fsignal_down(:,2);
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Jonas Bender
Jonas Bender on 11 Aug 2022
Dear Matt,
your code works perfect. Thank you very much and regards.

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