Error while importing CAD file (inventor) to simmechanics.

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I have followed the instructions on to set up the add-in link between my inventor and simmechanics.
I also successfully created the .xml and .STL files for my CAD model.
But on trying to import the xml file to simmechanics using,
matlab shows the following error,
Error using smimport_implementation (line 38)
Invalid MATLAB identifier: Drilled_Forged_Hexagon_Socket_Head_Cap_Screw_2_Holes_Metric_M6x1.
Error in smimport (line 51)
hModel = smimport_implementation(xmlFile, varargin{:});
Kindly let me know what went wrong.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2022
It appears the extension for the file is missing.
Go into your XML file and add the file extension manually for file "Drilled_Forged...".
If this does not solve the problem, post the files here and we can take a look.


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