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Segmentation algorithm not giving correct output

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Hi ,
I am evaluating segmentation models with my own data. Only FCN produces the right segmented output for test images, but other segmentation models (such as U-Net and SegNet) produced really odd results. The segmented pixels are dispersed throughout the whole image instead of the targeted region. Even if I evaluate my trained model using the training data.
What may be the reason behind that?
This is segmented output by SegNet.

This is segmented output by FCN.

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 8 Sep 2022
Generally, FCN, U-Net, and SegNet are different architectures that require their own set of training options to produce optimal results. You cannot assume they will all converge to the same results.
For instance, U-Net does not use a pre-trained backbone so it can take longer to train compared to FCN, which uses a VGG-16 image net pretrained backbone.
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Shoaib Ali
Shoaib Ali on 12 Sep 2022
Thank you for your answer.
You mean I have to train each network with diffferent hyperparameters to figure out the best values of parameters for each model?

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