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how to wait for mouse press without figure or gui?

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zohar on 11 Feb 2015
Commented: zohar on 16 Feb 2015
Hi all,
I need to capture a small rectangle region of screen that defined by the user.
I need a way to get from the user two pointer location.
How do I do that without figure or gui ?
should be something like:
% wait for mouse press and released
p1 = get(0, 'PointerLocation');
% wait for mouse press
while mouse not released
p2 = get(0, 'PointerLocation');
%draw rectangle window on screen
capture window.
I'm open for any suggestions even java.awt.Robot/java.awt.MouseInfo


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 15 Feb 2015
Zohar - is the screen a MATLAB figure or is it outside of the MATLAB environment?
zohar on 16 Feb 2015
Hi Geoff,
I need the mouse location outside matlab environment.

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