How to insert both value and percentage in pie chart?

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Dear all,
I just want to know how to insert in the same pie chart the values that comprise the already presented percentage?
This is the code
xe=[5, 20, 15];
explode=[ 1 0 1];
pe=pie(xe, explode);
%%%% tagging
pText = findobj(pe,'Type','text');
percentValues = get(pText,'String');
txt = {'Geothermal: '; 'PV: '; 'EVs: '};
combinedtxt = strcat(txt,percentValues);
%%%%Set text
pText(1).String = combinedtxt(1);
pText(2).String = combinedtxt(2);
pText(3).String = combinedtxt(3);

Accepted Answer

dpb on 2 Aug 2022
That's another terrible user interface/oversight to go along with bar -- hadn't ever used it in MATLAB before; pie charts just are a format I used rarely, if ever...anyways, that aside you've got to build them yourselves it seems, but isn't too difficult, just annoying--
labels=compose('%s: %d (%0.1f%%)',string(txt),xe(:),100*xe(:)/sum(xe));
works -- you might want to try
labels=compose('%s: %d \n(%0.1f%%)',string(txt),xe(:),100*xe(:)/sum(xe));
and 'spearmint about alternate formatting.
NB: You'll have better luck and the above assumes the trailing ":" and blanks have been removed from the variable names/section names.

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