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how to customize unittest report name

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I am using matlab's unit test for my work. I used plugin to create pdf report of the test executed in the test suite.
But I cannot find a method to chagne the rport title in pdf report.
Please guide me in editing report name of unittest framework.
I have attached sample code I used.

Accepted Answer

David Hruska
David Hruska on 28 Jul 2022
Hi Chetan,
There is currently no way to change the title in the test report, but we've taken note of your request.
Are you just looking to change "MATLAB Test Report" text or something more?
Chetan Thakur
Chetan Thakur on 29 Jul 2022
Hi David,
Thanks for your response.
At the moment I was looking to change the report title. Since the tests are executed locally.
In the near future I want to integrate the tests with jenkins and publish reports there.
Thanks & Regards

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