Problems with 2014b running EXTREMELY slowly on Mac OS?

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I am running 2014b on 10.8.5 and can not believe how slow it is for simple inline matlab functions. I was using 2012b previously and it was much much faster. It's so bad it is not really usable sometimes and very frustrating, and I am looking for alternative software. Anyone else experiencing this or know what the problem might be?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 9 Feb 2015
This is all on the same computer, right? I would expect R2012b and R2014b to have comparable performance on your Mac. Try something simple like this on both versions of MATLAB:
>> tic; rand(10000); toc
Does the performance differ drastically?
Nicholas Fugal
Nicholas Fugal on 10 Apr 2015
@Ken, Memory is not an issue on my computer. I have 16GB and the issue is present when only using 4GB.
I installed 2015a hoping that would solve the problem. Some days it works just as fast as 2014a, other days it's back to ~4x slower. 2014a is always operating as expected, 2015a is intermittent.
I wonder if it's something with the new graphics engine? That's common between 2014b and 2015a, but since the problem is present before I even open a figure I'm not sure.

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