how to only change the cells with NAN values in a table?

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I am trying to apply the following operation on certain rows in a tabel of data
[Lia, Locb] = ismember(datatable2.Date, EDPALL.Date);
indx = Locb(Locb > 0);
datatable2.NE8(Lia) = EDPAll.EDP6(indx);
finding that if any matching dates between some two tables and if satisfied we copy the corresponding value of the variable EDP6 into the variable NE8 in the other table.
But how can we modify this to restric it to happen only to the cells that has NAN values in the variable NE8?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jul 2022
[Lia, Locb] = ismember(datatable2.Date, EDPALL.Date);
Lia = Lia & isnan(datatable2.NE8);
indx = Locb(Lia);
datatable2.NE8(Lia) = EDPAll.EDP6(indx);


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