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Getting Simulink to parse/ignore GCC syntax

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Sean on 9 Feb 2015
Commented: Sean on 9 Feb 2015
Hi, I am working with a large code base that contains GCC compatible code generated from other tools. I tried to include them as custom code in a Simulink diagram but when I go to build the model, Simulink is tripping all over itself over GCC syntax like _attribute_ and some inline assembly that the Windows SDK does not recognize. I don't need Simulink to compile anything; just generate C code from my models. Are there any workarounds?

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Jason Moore
Jason Moore on 9 Feb 2015
There is an option to generate code only for code generation. If you have items that need compilation for simulation purposes that is a different question. To only complete code generation and not build the result you can go to Configuration Parameters -> Code Generation -> Generate Code only
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Sean on 9 Feb 2015
Right, and I have that checked. Still, Simulink wants to resolve dependencies with my custom code before it will generate code from the model. If I get it to skip sections that it can't resolve, everything would be great.

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