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UIFigureSizeChanged does not work

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Hello there,
In App, the callback UIFigureSizeChanged does not make any effect when the size of the GUI's app is changed.
I tryied it in a white app with and without elements and does not show anything when the size or maximized of the GUI is changed.
Anybody know an callback for when the window state is changed? or app GUi size is changed?
As indicated in MATLAB note,
thank you very much

Accepted Answer

Josep Llobet
Josep Llobet on 21 Jul 2022
Ok, as indicated in this MATLAB Answer from 2017, the 'AutoResizeChildren' of the UIFigure must be put it in off.
In the SizeChangedFcn explication, of the UI Figure Properties, of the MATLAB Help Center, it is also indicated.

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