Huge code generated for a simple Simulink design

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I have a query regarding Robotics toolbox and Code generator. Basically my model has three inputs and 3 output. For a given XYZ coordinate I’m trying to compute the joint angle for my three joint manipulator. I am using the following block for the same Compute joint configurations to achieve an end-effector pose - Simulink - MathWorks Deutschland and I already have created a rigid body from a URDF. Everything seems to work fine, I get accurate joint angle as output, But I’m having problem with code generation. Once I generate the code for this simple model, It generates 14k lines of code (Handwritten code for the same would be around 200-300 lines). Find below screenshot of the matlab design, A very simple design with three cordinates as input and joint angles as output. Is there something im doing wrong ? Or in general the matlab generates huge codes for simple design ?

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Karsh Tharyani
Karsh Tharyani on 28 Jul 2022
I would suggest you reach out to our Technical Support team with the reproducible of the issue. That will enable us to diagnose this in an efficient manner.

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