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Problem in adjust sound from text2speech

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Ara on 6 Feb 2015
Answered: jibrahim on 24 Feb 2020
Does anyone know how to use this following function? I want to adjust speech. I already downloaded SAPI: speech SDK 5.1 but it's work and got error. This is source that I used text2speech
Emphasising (only for the SAPI version*) text2speech('You can EMPH emphasis /EMPH text.');
Silence (only for the SAPI version) text2speech('There will be silence now MSEC=''500''/ and speech again.');
I'm sorry for asking nonsense question but I have several downloaded on SDK 5.1


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 7 Feb 2015
Ara - what is the error that you are observing? Please fully describe the problem that you are experiencing with the code that you have written.
Ara on 7 Feb 2015
it speech along the text include EMPH and /EMPH, it doesn't emphasize the text.

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Answers (1)

jibrahim on 24 Feb 2020
Audio Toolbox supports calling into popular 3rd-party APIs for speech synthesis:


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