Auto Populate PPT Slides without using MATLAB Report Generator

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Hello Guys,
I am trying to auto populate the PPT slides with plots using Matlab code.
I do not have Matlab report generator license.
Is there any other option that can be an alternative to Matlab Report Generator.
What I need:
As soon as I run a Matlab code, slides on PPT get auto populates.
  1. Slide:1, Introduction
  2. Slide:2, plot with x-axis, Time and y-axis, Speed
  3. Slide:3, plot with x-axis, Time and y-axis, Temp
  4. Slide:4, plot with x-axis, Time and y-axis, Current
I have a huge set of data, and creating plots and then copying pasting all figures in PPT does takes lot of time.
Any script/reference that could help me to auto populate the PPT with slides, will be a big time saver.
Data, Attached.
I am using Matlab R2021b

Answers (2)

Bharat Chandra Mukkavalli
Bharat Chandra Mukkavalli on 12 Jul 2022
Refer to the "exportToPPTX" tool in this link:
Hope this helps!

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Jul 2022
One of the formats that the publish function states it supports as the output format is .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint.)

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