Screen is flickering at Matlab startup for 2014b

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Dear all,
i had a change of my computing device three weeks ago and i was and am using Matlab R2014b on the new and old machine.
Now i have a strange behaviour with the very startup of matlab: shortly after/during the initialization, my whole screen turns black, s.t. the complete desktop is dark. It reappears very shortly after that. This effect takes place about 2 or 3 times in short succession. Too bad, the flutter also takes place during the startup of compiled and deployed applications on the new device.
You can work normally with matlab or the compiled application after that, but it is really annoying. And it only applies to R2014b, not e.g. to R2011b or 2010b.
Any hint on where to look or what to do? My graphic device: NVIDIA Quadro K2100M with driver
Regards, Johannes
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Benoit Botton
Benoit Botton on 27 Aug 2015
Did you ever get to solve the issue? anyone else?
I am having the same issue with 2014b, graphics are:
-HD Graphics 4600, driver -NVIDIA Quadro K2100M driver
Thank you

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Benoit Botton
Benoit Botton on 31 Aug 2015
I found a solution! changing my windows theme to a non-aero one did the trick

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Vittorio on 15 Sep 2015
After an email conversation with a MathWorks employee I determined that the problem was an outdated NVIDIA video card driver. The solution for me was to update the driver and then write this command in MATLAB:
Then, restart MATLAB.
The problem, however, is not completely gone. The screen now flickers a couple of times as described by the OP whenever I do the first plot of the session. After that, it does not flicker anymore. Still some work to do at MathWorks with the new graphics system I guess...

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