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Simulink: How to use a structure as output signal?

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Gurkenglas on 4 Feb 2015
Answered: Jason Moore on 7 Feb 2015
I have many signals in my simulink modell, that I want to convert into a structure. So I use a matlab function block, that looks like this:
function mystruct = create_struct( u )
mystruct.a = u(1);
mystruct.b = u(2);
Then I want to use this "struct-output" as input for another function. But this seems not to work. Have you any idea how to solve this? Thanks

Accepted Answer

Jason Moore
Jason Moore on 7 Feb 2015
In Simulink structured data is represented as Simulink.Bus objects to create a Simulink Bus you can do this by typing in your workspace
varname = Simulink.Bus
After creating a bus in your Simulink model use this bus object as your datatype for your Simulink block port.

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