generate white gaussian noise

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Hong Lin
Hong Lin on 28 Jun 2022
Commented: Hong Lin on 30 Jun 2022
I want to generate a white gaussian noise vector by following the example given in Mathwork website:
However, I always obtained the following message:
'wgn' requires Communications Toolbox.
When I clicked Comminications Toolbox, it shows the page with the above example. What is the problem?
Thanks for any helps.
Hong Lin
Hong Lin on 30 Jun 2022
Is Communications toolbox an optional part of Matlab?

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Accepted Answer

David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 29 Jun 2022
Edited: David Goodmanson on 29 Jun 2022
Hi HL,
Since white gaussian noise is just random draws from a normal distribution, you don't really need some toolbox or other, you can make your own (different example from yours):
P = 1e-3; % power in watts assuming x is the voltage across a 1 ohm resistor
x = sqrt(P)*randn(1,10000);
format short g
ans = 0.0010206 % close to 1e-3

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