How may one digitize a curve from an image

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The attached jpeg contains battery discharge curves at various discharge currents (0.68 to 10 A).
I'd like to create arrays (stored in a .mat file) which contains these discharge curves (voltage vs capacity).
Ideally I just need the data for the 0.68 A curve.
How would one "digitize" the 0.68A curve into X and Y coordinates/values given a minimum step size?
Thank you

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DGM on 14 Jun 2022
Edited: DGM on 14 Jun 2022
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Long story short, accuracy will be limited, and trying to write something that will automagically find the right curve is almost always going to be a waste of time, especially if you only have one plot to transcribe. Just manually transcribe the curve as described. I've attached an SVG file that's already had a spline fit to it. The SVG processing is as described in the answers above.
% using the following FEX tools:
% filename of manually-fit svg file
fname = 'discharge_curves.svg';
% data range from original image axis labels
xrange = [0 4000];
yrange = [0 5];
% spline discretization parameter [0 1]
coarseness = 0.001;
% get plot box geometry
str = fileread(fname);
str = regexp(str,'((?<=<rect)(.*?)(?=\/>))','match');
pbx = regexp(str,'((?<=x=")(.*?)(?="))','match');
pby = regexp(str,'((?<=y=")(.*?)(?="))','match');
pbw = regexp(str,'((?<=width=")(.*?)(?="))','match');
pbh = regexp(str,'((?<=height=")(.*?)(?="))','match');
pbrect = [str2double(pbx{1}{1}) str2double(pby{1}{1}) ...
str2double(pbw{1}{1}) str2double(pbh{1}{1})];
% get coordinates representing the curve
S = loadsvg(fname,coarseness,false);
x = S{1}(:,1); % assuming the first path is the correct one
y = S{1}(:,2);
% if there are multiple paths you want to extract
% you'll need to do do the rescaling, etc for each element of S
% rescale to fit data range
x = xrange(1) + diff(xrange)*(x-pbrect(1))/pbrect(3);
y = yrange(1) + diff(yrange)*(pbrect(4) - (y-pbrect(2)))/pbrect(4);
% get rid of nonunique points
[x,idx,~] = unique(x);
y = y(idx);
% plot
plot(x,y); grid on; hold on
At this point, x and y will be relatively finely sampled. If you want to resample the curve on a coarser abcissa, you can use interp1().

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jun 2022
Lots of File Exchange submissions on digitizing a graph:




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