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Extract certain part of a sentence

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I have the following sentence: CF_PEI_P1_S6
How do I extract the letters before the second _P (the P before number 1)? Keep in mind that any letter as well as the number of letters before this second _P can be subject to change, but must still be able to be extracted.
In this example, the output I want is CF_PEI
An example of a different length sentence could be Teddy_Bear_Cat_P12_S19
I know this can be done with regexp, but I am confused how to generally implement it.
Thank you very much,

Accepted Answer

DGM on 8 Jun 2022
What exactly is the delimiter? Is it:
an instance of '_P1' followed by anything
instr = 'Teddy_Bear_Cat_P12_S19';
prestr = regexp(instr,'.*(?=_P1)','match')
prestr = 1×1 cell array
an instance of '_P' followed by a number
instr = 'Teddy_Bear_Cat_P12_S19';
prestr = regexp(instr,'.*(?=_P[0-9]+)','match')
prestr = 1×1 cell array
an instance of '_P' followed by a number, an underscore, and then another letter-number pattern and then the EOL
instr = 'Teddy_Bear_Cat_P12_S19';
prestr = regexp(instr,'.*(?=_P[0-9]+_S[0-9]+$)','match')
prestr = 1×1 cell array
You can be as explicit as you think you need to be
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Luck Haviland
Luck Haviland on 8 Jun 2022
Haven't been able to confirm that this actually works, but if it does I will be using the third option. Thank you.

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