delete an element from string

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Mahdi Hayati
Mahdi Hayati on 21 May 2022
Answered: ajay kumar on 6 Jul 2022
I have this string:
str = ["a" "b" "c"]
which gives:
"a" "b" "c"
how can I have this new string with the previouse one:
new_str = "a" "c"
in other words, I want to delete "b" completely.
I have tried erase but with that I will have:
"a" "" "c"
thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

DGM on 21 May 2022
How do you intend to identify the thing you want to delete? Do you simply want to delete the second string in the array?
str = ["a" "b" "c"];
str(2) = []
str = 1×2 string array
"a" "c"
Or do you want to delete all (or the first) instance of the string "b" in the array?
str = ["a" "b" "c"];
idx = strcmp(str,"b");
str(idx) = []
str = 1×2 string array
"a" "c"
per isakson
per isakson on 21 May 2022
str = ["a" "b" "c"];
str(str=="b") = []
str = 1×2 string array
"a" "c"

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ajay kumar
ajay kumar on 6 Jul 2022
str = ["a" "b" "c"];
y= find(contains(str,"b"))
y = 2
str(y) = []
str = 1×2 string array
"a" "c"


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