Combining two matrices with different sizes

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I have two matrices: M1(176x2x7) double and M2(369x2x27). The 176 column is 250:600 (interval of 2) and the 369 column is 230:598 (interval of 1). I would like the M1 to replace M2 (: , : ,1:7) and make sure the data is 0 for the odd numbers after the replacement for (: , : ,1:7). Could anyone please tell me how to do it.
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Cheuk Yin Wong
Cheuk Yin Wong on 22 May 2022
The two matrices M1(176x2x7) (:,1,:) is from 250:600 with an increment of 2. M2 (:,1,:) is from 230:598 with an increment of 1. I would like the (:,1,:) of the two matrices to match (so both of them are 230:598 with an increment of 1 now), and replace M2 (:,:,1:7) with M1 to form a new M3 (369x2x27). For the mising data in M1, I would just like to fill these with 0. Sorry for the confusion - I hope this is clearer now.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 19 May 2022
Edited: Matt J on 19 May 2022
M3(250:2:600,:,:)=M1; %replace M2 with M1
M3(1:2:end,:,:)=0;%odd numbers are zero

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