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Error with PV Array Simscape and my data.

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Hello, I'm designing a model of a MPPT buck converter in Simulink (Simscape).
I have an Excel where I put the data of the PV module and the design of the buck converter.
Then I put a function to read from Matlab this data and to put it into [1 1] vector (is an scalar)
Then, I open simulink with the model, and I put this [1 1] vectors in the elements of the model (the inductance, the capacitance, the semiconductors, etc)
As you can see, there is no problem to put this on the output capacitance for example
The problem I have is with the PV Array, because I want to put my data on it and appears this error and I dont know why:
As you can see, Im doing the same thing as with the capacitance and I dont know why it gives me that error.
I would be very pleasant if you could help me. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Accepted Answer

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 May 2022
Unfortunately, you aren't doing anything wrong. It looks like there is a bug in how those paramters are being checked such that matlab variables can't be used. I was able to recreate the same problem on my side and have submited a bug report to get it fixed. Unfortunately, that fix won't help you in solving your problem now. There is another way to set these values progrmatically to work around it, although it is a little annoying. You can use the set_param to set these values.
You can get a list of the parameters like this get_param('Reductormodelo/Pv Array','ObjectParameters')
Then set them using
set_param('Reductormodelo/Pv Array','Isc',num2str(Iscstd))
you will get an error because your short circuit current needs to be larger than the maximum power point current, but this is a step in the right direction.
The other paramter names you want are 'Voc', 'Vm','Im'. You can use set parameter for all of those. Just remember you need to converter them to a string to use the set_param command for this mask.

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