How can I compile mex file in SPM12 on macos Monterey?

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I wonder how can I fix the error below.
“Error using file2mat (line 16)
file2mat.c not compiled - see Makefile”
Also when I try to compile the mex, I met the error below.
mex -O -largeArrayDims -c spm_vol_utils.c -DSPM_UNSIGNED_CHAR
make: mex: No such file or directory
make: *** [utils_uchar.mexmaci64.o] Error 1

Accepted Answer

Katharina Wellstein
Katharina Wellstein on 16 May 2022
I cannot directly answer your question since I also am not able to use spm on Mac OS Monterey but if you do not get any answers here, there may be an answer on the spm mailinglist in the future ( - hopefully.

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